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SSF Video on YouTube

I have uploaded my first attempt at doing a video to give people a brief overview of our community onto Youtube. Please visist YouTube and comment, rate, the video. Also if you use a social networking site such as MySpace, Facebook etc, or have a website or blog, please consider either embedding (the best option) the video in your site or linking to the site at YouTube. If you’re not sure how to link or embed the video to your website, blog, MySpace, Facebook etc, or to link to it at YouTube please email me and I’ll try and help.

You can view the video at YouTube here


Br Nathan-James SSF

Please feel free to send comments, thoughts suggestions to me also if you don’t want to post to this site, or YouTube. Email Br Nathan-James.

New Anglican Rosary Blog

Honouring the ways in which lives have been touched through experiences of making and using Anglican Rosaries

After 5 years of facilitating workshops on making and using Anglican Rosaries (Anglican Prayer Beads) I decided it was time to stop talking about developing an online resource for people interested in making and using Anglican Rosaries and do it.

During prayer bead workshops time is given to allow participants to begin using the Anglican Rosary format to get intouch with their own pray-er, the spirit that prays within us all. Out of this comes some very rich expressions of connection and response to God through prayer in the form of prayers for use with the Anglican Rosary. I am always appreciative and profoundly impressed by the level of energy people put into this segment of the workshops.

I also hear numerous stories of the ways in which people’s lives have been touched by participating in a workshop or in their sharing of their experiences with others, often making and sharing Rosaries with friends, partners and even strangers. These rich stories give expression to the ways in which people’s lives have been enriched through offering others a tangible way to help people get intouch with or deepen their relationship with God.

The Anglican Rosary Blog has been conceived as a means of honouring the ways in which lives have been touched through experiences of making and using Anglican Rosaries. It is a collection of stories, examples of prayers, background material on prayer beads, and resources for making and using Anglican prayer beads. As a blog, it is designed to be interactive so if you have an interest in the making and use of Rosaries or Prayer Beads in the Anglican church please visit the Anglican Rosary Blog or email Br Nathan-James ssf.

Prayer School St Philip’s Brisbane

Br Nathan-James will be holding a series of workshops on prayer from the 31st October to 4th November at St Philip’s Anglican Church. 115 Cornwall St Annerley QLD 4103.

Wed 31 Oct. 7pm – 9.30 pm.
The way of the cross: a universal reflection on Christ’s dying and rising. $10

Thu 01 Nov. 7pm – 9.30 pm.
Contemplating the San Damiano Crucifix. $10

Fri 02 Nov. 7pm – 9.30 pm.
An introduction to prayer, what it is and is not. $10

Sat 03 Nov. 9am – 12 pm.
Lectio Divina, the art of praying with the scriptures. $10

Sat 03 Nov. 1.30pm – 5.30pm.
The Jesus Prayer, praying the prayer of the heart. $15 (bookings essential, includes making a simple knotted prayer rope)

Sun 04 Nov. 1pm – 5pm.
Anglican Prayer Beads, rediscovering an ancient tradition. $20 (booking essential; includes opportunity to make your own Anglican Rosary)

Book and pay for all sessions prior to Wednesday 17 October and pay only $55 ($20 discount)

Discounts available for full time theological students, members of religious communities and concession card holders, please enquire.

For information and bookings please email Br Nathan-James or phone 0429 646427

For a full description of the content of the various sessions please see the Prayer School website.

Taize: Pilgrimage of Trust on Earth

The Society of St Francis, together with Queensland Churches together, will be hosting a visit by Br Ghislain from the Taize Community in France. There will be an eccumenical prayer service at the Cathedral of St Stephen (249 Elizabeth St Brisbane), on Thursday the 26th July, led by Br Ghislain. For further information contact Br James Andrew or call (07) 3391 3915.

Live Help Trial

I am trialling a Live Help chat program. If you are having difficulties with this site, or have any questions click on the Live Help icon in Members > Live Help or click here. If I am online then you will be able to chat live. If I am not online you will be able to send an email with your question and I will return you email as soon as I can. Pax Nathan.

Franciscan Blogs

A blog is short for web log (or journal, diary etc). A blog is a means of sharing your thoughts, opinions, feelings, reflections etc on topics of interest. They range from travel blogs to more profound and philosophical discussions. Authors can post material and visitors can add comments, opening up a series of discussions on the topic of question.

A list of related blogs on a person’s blog is often referred to as a blog roll. On the right hand menu you will find a blog roll, or series of links, to blogs authored by members of the Third Order, First Order and SSF Companions. Why not check them out and participate in topics which interest you. If you find a topic (post) which interests you simply click on the comments link at the top of the post and add your two cents worth.

An extension of this method of content management has been used on this web site to allow visitors to not only view information on the Third Order, but to participate in discussions on St Francis, St Clare, Franciscan Spirituality and religious life. Feel free to explore this site and participate in discussions.

Archbishop Philip Freier tssf Talks on Being a Franciscan

The Most Reverend Philip Freier tssf, Archbishop of Melbourne, was recently interviewed by the ABC Radio National’s Religion Report. In the interview he was asked about his active interaction with the public by being ‘out and about’ on the streets of Melbourne. The interviewer then asked him if this new approach had anything to do with him being a member of the Third Order Society of St Francis. + Freier was very open in his response about how St Francis had been an infuence in his life and what it meant to be a tertiary.