Annual Report Form

    All Professed and Novices are to send their reports to their respective Regional Minister by November 15.
    Regional Ministers are to send their personal reports to the Provincial Chaplain.

    A PDF version for printing and completing offline can be obtained here

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    This report is to be completed at the time of renewal of Profession or Novicing, which should normally occur within the Third Order at a community meeting. If this is not possible, alternative arrangements should be made with your Regional Minister. It is anticipated that you will prepare for renewal by reflecting on your life within the Order and your commitment to conform to the Rule of the Third Order.

    1. Date and place of Renewal of Profession/Novicing:

    If this did not take place within a Third Order meeting:

    Name of person receiving renewal:

    Name of person authorising renewal (Regional Minister):

    2. Date of last meeting with your Spiritual Director

    3. Are you keeping the Community Obedience?