Provincial Chapter in June 2021 approved the Safe Ministry Check Program for delivering training courses and maintaining safe ministry training records for Third Order office bearers.

All office bearers are requested to register within the Safe Ministry Check system, and to complete the appropriate training courses by the end of 2021.

New office bearers will need to complete the appropriate training courses within six months of taking office.

This training, which takes about an hour to complete, will need to be repeated once every three years.

To start, login as a “leader”, and complete the Awareness Course. The TSSF Safe Ministry Policy document, which is accessed through the system, details extra training required, depending on the role(s) held.

All other members are encouraged to access the Awareness Course, either individually, or as a group. This course gives an overview of safeguarding/safe ministry, and the importance of raising issues with the Safe Ministry Contacts if needed. Creating a login will give you access to the Provincial Safe Ministry Policy, and how to contact the Safe Ministry Contacts.

The Third Order access point for the Safe Ministry Check Program is