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General RM Processes

1. Regional Minister’s Procedures

1.1 Notes for Regional Ministers (About the Regional Minister’s Role)

Enquiry Process

2. Flow Chart (This is the Key to Understanding the process)

2.1 QLD B/NNSW Flow Chart (Adapted to include Formation Guardian role)

3. Enquirer Letter 1

3.1 Keynotes

4. Enquirer Letter 2

4.1 Rule of the Third Order

4.2 Guide to Preparing your Personal Rule of Life

4.3 Guidelines for Choosing a Spiritual Advisor

4.4 Guidelines for Spiritual Advisors

4.5 Information Sheet

5. Contact Card for Area Convenor

Novice Formation Process

6. Novice Counsellor Letter

6.1 Formation Notes (These are included in the novice kit posted direct to the new novice). Request a Kit here

6.2 Novice Counsellor’s Report Form (Word Version) (PDF Version for printing)

6.3 Novice Counsellor’s Record Sheet (Word Version) (PDF Version for printing)

6.4 Novices’ Report Form (download copy for printing)(Online)

7. Enquirer Letter 3

8. Area Convenor Notification AC2

9. Request for Novice Kit

Other Material

Regional Minister’s Report Forms

10.1 Novice Report (Download copy for printing) (Online Version)

10.2 Professed Report (Download copy for printing) (Online Version)

11. Guidelines for Novice Counsellors

12. Annual Report Form (Download copy for printing) (Online Version)

12.1 Regional Report (Download copy for printing) (Online Version)

12.2 Code of Conduct for TSSF Officers (obs — see Safeguarding page)

13. Guidelines for Novices

14. Change of Address and Contact Details (Download copy for printing) (Online Version)

15. Novice Certificate