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Praying the Community Obedience – Tony’s story
2 months ago no Comment

 I grew up in a Chinese Church and came into contact with the tssf only in recent years.  I was attracted to it and was professed a member in October 2021.  Praying the community obedience in the context of daily office became an essential part of my daily life.  The portion of the Principles of … Continue reading Praying the Community Obedience – Tony’s story

Publications from Charles Ringma
4 years ago no Comment

Charles Ringma is a tertiary from Queensland who has published articles and books. You may be interested in reading his article, The Church’s Calling in a Troubled World, published in Zadok papers. In addition, you can read about his book, Sabbath Time.

Friends of the Monastery
15 years ago no Comment

The ‘Friends of the Monastery inc.” is a non-profit organisation which was formed to care for the Monastery of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Stroud, after the Second Order Sisters vacated the premises and it’s future was uncertain. We aim to preserve it’s Franciscan ethos, promote Franciscan spirituality and provide an oasis of spiritual and physical … Continue reading Friends of the Monastery

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