Praying the Community Obedience – Tony’s story

 I grew up in a Chinese Church and came into contact with the tssf only in recent years.  I was attracted to it and was professed a member in October 2021.  Praying the community obedience in the context of daily office became an essential part of my daily life.  The portion of the Principles of tssf set out in the prayer cycle inspires, encourages and gives me comfort in trying to live out the Franciscan way.  These texts from time to time came out inadvertently during my conversation with brothers and sisters in my church and one of them was particularly inspired by the passage on humility (day 24) and enquired.  He wanted to know more, and so, over a period of 31 days, I had all 31 passages translated into Chinese for him.  He appeared moved by their contents.  The following is my translation of the passage for day 24.  The full translation can be found here.