Patch on a Hurting World

A series of talks given by Dr Robert Bela Wilhelm at the 2006 Third Order Society of St Francis Conference, Perth WA.

The following sound (MP3) files are large. You are advised to download them to your computer before playing them. To save the file ‘right click’ your mouse and select ‘save as’ then save to your computer.

Patch-1 St Martin of Tours
Patch-2 St Ubaldo of Gubbio
Patch-3 Images and Feelings
Patch-4 The Road to Gubbio
Patch-5 The Wolf of Gubbio
Patch-6 Group Discussion
Patch-7 Some Applications
Patch-8 The Art of Story Telling
Patch-9 Brother John
Patch-10 Dialogue
Patch-11 Knights of Satriano
Patch-12 Dreamtime
Patch-13 Talk
Patch-14 The Final Step
Patch-15 St Claire
Patch-16 Brother Rufino

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